Hawkinge Howlers

A singing group for people suffering with dementia, their carers, families, and the community

Singing does so much for people suffering with dementia. The memories these songs bring back you may have thought long forgotten, but where other memories are harder to find, music and singing does something truly exceptional. People remember people, events, loved ones, loss, all at the start of just a simple song.
The Hawkinge Howlers meet EVERY WEDNESDAY at 2.00pm - 3.00pm. Anyone is welcome to sing with us, whether you are a carer, family member, or just a member of the community wanting to hep. We would love to have you there! If you know anyone with dementia whom you think this might benefit, then please get in touch!

Testimonials from Hawkinge Howlers

The residents here really like Alex coming in to sing. He sings songs that they remember, and encourages them to join in as much as they can.

Singing is a really important activity for the residents here as the often remember songs better than other memories.

Alison - Hawkinge House Staff Member
I always enjoy singing, and it is lovely Alex comes here each week to sing with us all.

I love the songs Alex sings with us. They take me back to when we sang years ago.