HeadStrong Singers

The HeadStrong Singers is a weekly social singing group for anyone living with a head or brain injury or illness, plus their carers, friends, family, and anybody else who enjoys a fun and relaxed sing as part of a group. The group meets every Monday from 1pm-2:30pm at Wood Avenue Library in Folkestone and is open to anybody who wants to sing with us!

Testimonials from HeadStrong Singers

"How joyful the HeadStrong meetings are! To be able to sing with these brave people and to see their faces light up with each song is wonderful, and to socialise with them is an honour."
CC, Choir Member
"I really enjoy going to the Headstrong Singers. Everyone is very friendly and makes newcomers very welcome."
BH, Choir Member

History Of HeadStrong Singers

In late 2017 the Stroke Association contacted MASC with a view to creating a singing group for Stroke survivors, funded by the Association. This became the "Sing For Stroke" choir, which started in February 2018, meeting every other Thursday afternoon at Wood Avenue Library.

The sessions, led by Duncan Moris, were and instant success and soon the choir found itself singing at local events and venues. With the funding for the choir due to end in 2019, extra funding sources were sought, first with KCC Councillor Martin Whybrow supporting the choir, and then with the choir being included in a larger MASC bid through The People's Projects.

These new streams of income enabled the choir to move to much-requested weekly sessions, and it was decided to expand the remit of the choir to encompass anyone living with any head or brain injury or illness, plus their carers, friends and family, as well as anybody who wanted to join. At the request of existing choir members, the sessions also moved to a Monday afternoon. Most notably, the name of the group was changed to The HeadStrong Singers, a name symbolising the strength and determination of our singers.

Since these changes came into effect, the choir has gone from strength to strength, with numbers rising steeply and with BBC Television and Radio appearances as part of Folkestone's "Music Town" celebrations. The group's bright pink t-shirts mark them out at any event and make the statement that this is not a group you can miss!

We would like to thank everyone who has had a hand in the choir's success, especially Helen Evans, whose idea it was to start the group up in the first place. Without her and The Stroke Association, there would be no HeadStrong Singers today. We would also like to thank anybody who has come to sing with us at any time since the choir first started with 6 singers in Folkestone. Your voices and energy are what make the group special, and it is our privilege that you choose to spend your time with us.