Generation Link

Bringing primary aged children together with residents in care homes near their school to build new relationships through music.

We bring children together with members of the retired population though music! By singing songs of yesteryear, and songs of today, these groups can learn from each other and enjoy each others company!
Linking primary schools to local care homes, retirement centres, active retirement associations, and other retired communities helps social cohesion, creates relationships between the generations, and helps teach young and old about the lives of their community.

Testimonials from Generation Link

Wow. When the children come into the home it makes the day of everyone here. Our residents absolutely love meeting and singing with the children, and hearing them sing.

This is a lovely project and one that I hope can continue.

Emily - Care Assistant
It is so lovely when the school children come. I love to hear them singing! I look forward to them coming again!.

Going to sing with the people at the home was really fun.

I like asking them how long they have lived here and hearing some of their stories, and we get to sing songs that we chose!