PROJECT – Fools Arts Days

Art, Dance, Drama, and Singing

All In One Day!

(Called Fools Arts as the first on was on April Fools Day…. Forever it will be Fools Arts Day!!!)

Spray painting, drawing, image making, printing, who knows what you'll be taught by ur wonderful Art teacher in residence! This session is always messy, fun, and you'll have something to show for it too!
Our super professional Drama teacher will get your inner actor on show! You'll make sketches, silly noises, play games, have have an all round super time. Get your drama on!
So you think you can dance? Or maybe you don't? Either way, the awesome and amazing Dance teacher will put you in line, in time, and in the zone. You'll be taught a group dance that will wow anyone and everyone. Time to dance!
Sing! Sing a song! Sing it loud! Sing it strong! Our incredible Singing teacher will teach groups songs throughout the day. Be ready to sing at a moments notice. You never know when he might appear and you'll all be singing and moving to his tune. SING!